Asian Wedding Photography in London

Asian Wedding Photography in London

Asian Wedding Photography in London: Along with the Hindus, who have travelled miles and settled down in London, their traditions, too, have followed them; wedding being one of the important landmark events in Hindus’ lives. Hindu weddings are, essentially, a traditional, cultural and religious event that is performed amidst the chants by Hindu priests from sacred scriptures, while the Bride and the Groom (Dulhan and Dulha, respectively) take 7 circles around the holy fire. And the entire ceremony lasts for about a couple of hours.

Actually, Hindus have several sub-castes with further denominations. And every denomination has its own special rituals that are performed during the marriage, which generally takes place either at the bride’s place or a venue chosen by bride’s family. Such rituals have more to do with a tradition that has passed on from generations. For instance, some Hindu families prefer only 4 circles around the holy fire, while some even prefer 8. Some families also honour their family guru or the sect they believe in by placing their pictures on a higher pedestal during the marriage ceremony.

Normally, Hindus marry within their religion, although inter-religious marriages are also catching-up fast in an ever-evolving Hindu society, especially in a metropolitan city, like London. Another tradition that is fast facing a stiff challenge from modern thinking is the culture of bride’s parents meeting the entire expenses of the marriage ceremony. Increasingly, the groom’s family are pitching in by sharing some of the expenses.

Hindu weddings are nothing short of a festival with friends and relatives arriving at the respective places of bride and groom a good 2-3 days in advance to indulge in festivities and fun during numerous pre-wedding ceremonies.

It all starts by consulting astrologers for selecting an auspicious day for the wedding. Hindu lunar calendar is referred for this purpose, in which there are some days that are considered inauspicious for marriage. Moreover, the astrologers match the birth charts of the bride-to-be and groom-to-be to suggest the “right” date for wedding.

Some of the pre-wedding ceremonies include haldi (applying tamarind paste on the bride’s body), which her female family members and friends apply on her body, mehndi (applying henna on her hands, arms, and some even apply on their feet), saint (applying certain type of paste on groom’s body), which his female family members apply on his body, etc.

The wedding procession is marked by loud music and dance, mainly on Bollywood music and dhol beats.

During the ceremony, the bride and groom are joined together by a piece of white cloth, which is tied on the other end to bride’s and groom’s clothes. While the priest chants holy verses from Vedas, the bride and the groom walk around the fire, lit in the middle of the entire set-up. Each completed circle around the fire signifies some duty towards each other, like faith, financial stability, procreation etc.

After dinner, the bride bids tearful adieu to her parents, family and friends in a ceremony, known as bidai or doli.

A typical Hindu wedding is very colourful with women wearing exotic clothes bejewelled with stunning necklaces and other jewellery, and men wearing jodhpuris, sherwanis, and designer suits. Every moment of a Hindu wedding is worth capturing, which only a knowledgeable and qualified wedding photographer can do without any hiccup. Your London wedding photographer must be knowledgeable about Hindu weddings and should have sufficient experience of capturing Hindu weddings.

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Asian Wedding Photography in London

Asian Wedding Photography in London

Asian Wedding Photography in London

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