Family and Baby Photography

Gomes Photography is a trusted name for family and baby photography in London.


 Family and Baby Photography in London£150 Family and Baby Photography Package

  • includes 1 hours session at your home*
  • 30 high resolution images on a DVD


As we grow old, physical distances from the family increase and important events, like the addition of a newborn baby in the family, are given a go-by due to our preoccupation and busy schedules. The only way the distances can be bridged is to capture your family members in different moods and different poses. Similarly, the first few days of your baby’s arrival in this world are once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to witness; and obviously, must be captured and preserved. Gomes photography will ensure that you never miss your family, and your little bundle of joy’s initial days, at any stage of your life.

People grow old but their photographs don’t! And that’s precisely the purpose of a good old family group photograph – to freeze the moment of joy and become a nostalgia-inducing memory. Not just a group photograph, another great idea is to use custom photography to tell the story of your family. Self-clicked snaps with low- to mid-capacity camera are fine for freezing casual moments, but for documentary style photographs or family portraits, only a professionally qualified photographer can generate the desired results.

Gone are the days when family photographs meant only posed photography. The trend is shifting towards natural family photography mainly in the comfort of your own home, or somewhere amidst the exotic locales where the family is having a great time, for example, holidaying. London is a great place with some of the choicest places to spend gala time with the family. A time well spent must be for keeps and it’s here that a hired professional photographer can make your trip memorable.

And when it comes to artistic and skilful family and baby photography in London, Gomes Photography is a natural choice. With a friendly smile and a jovial outlook, I strive to first make the family comfortable so that they may not hesitate and be their natural self during the photo shoot.

The skills required to capture a baby’s initial moments into this world are not universal. Attention to details, ever open eyes and ears, and above all, gentle and careful handling of the baby, are some of the hallmarks of a professional photographer specialising in newborn photography in London.

Unarguably, arrival of a baby in their life is the happiest moment for the parents. Nothing is as precious or comparable to their little bundle of joy. Therefore, it is natural for them to memorialise and eternalise the first few days of the baby’s arrival. I have an on-call system in place where would-be parents can inform about the tentative due date so that I can anticipate their call and set-up an appointment for photo-session with the little one. The ideal time for newborn photography is within two weeks of arrival.

As a specialist in family and baby photography in London, I will guide you at every step of the way to get the baby comfortable for some of the marvellous pictures you’ll cherish for lifetime.

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