Black and White Wedding Photography

So what is it with Black and White wedding photography that just won’t go away? I often look at an image and although I love it I know it’s missing something.  Sometimes by taking away the distractions of colour an image shows it true potential and simply shines. As you will have seen from my creative wedding photography gallery I love colour images, big powerful colourful images but in contrast I have a love for black and white.  Similar to my colour images I like my black and whites to be punchy and contrasty with lots of deep rich blacks and crisp whites.

So going back to the original question…  what is it with Black and White wedding photography that just won’t go away? Well in short they are timeless and elegant.

Here’s a few of my favourite black and white wedding photos.

Abby-and-Nathan-HR-438.jpganna and jehad-175.jpgc95-lianne and andy hr-820bw.jpganna and jehad-486.jpganna and jehad-191.jpganna and jehad-247.jpganna and jehad-319.jpganna and jehad-329.jpganna and jehad-616bnw.jpganna and jehad-654.jpglianne and andy hr-642bw.jpgc28-lianne and andy hr-501bw.jpgc46-lianne and andy hr-524bw.jpgc5-lianne and andy hr-712bw.jpglianne and andy hr-819bw.jpglianne and andy hr-557bw.jpglianne and andy hr-701bw.jpglianne and andy hr-565bw.jpglianne and andy hr-585bw.jpglianne and andy hr-603bw.jpglianne and andy hr-636bw.jpglianne and andy hr-639bw.jpglianne and andy hr-647bw.jpglianne and andy hr-677bw.jpglianne and andy hr-685bw.jpglianne and andy hr-775bw.jpglianne and andy hr-780bw.jpgJulia-and-Amith-156.jpgJulia-and-Amith-163.jpgJulie-and-Tim-HR-346.jpgLee-and-Deeps-HR-123.jpgStephanie-and-James-High-Res-376.jpgAbby-and-Nathan-HR-153.jpgAbby-and-Nathan-HR-441.jpgAnna&PeterHR-176.jpgAnna&PeterHR-179---Copy.jpgAnna&PeterHR-206.jpgJane-and-Nigel-HR-268.jpgAnna&PeterHR-218.jpgAnna&PeterHR-234.jpgBarathy-and-Jon-Eltham-Palace-HR-115.jpgBarathy-and-Jon-Eltham-Palace-HR-356.jpgBrandon-and-Louise-HR-465.jpgConor-and-Catherine-HR-385.jpgConor-and-Catherine-HR-473.jpgDavid-and-Sam-HR-228.jpgEmma-and-Chris-High-Res-294.jpgGemma-and-Danny-High-Res-194.jpgHighRes-571.jpgJo-and-Steve-HR-214.jpgKeiko-&-Cris-High-Res-161.jpgKeiko-&-Cris-High-Res-276.jpgLindsey-and-Alex-High-Res-149.jpgLindsey-and-Alex-High-Res-171.jpgLindsey-and-Alex-High-Res-343.jpgLouise-and-Mike-HR-499.jpgPeggy-and-Nigel-HR-318.jpgPeppi-and-Andrew-High-Res-225.jpgVanessa&MarkHighRes-547.jpg


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