Documentary Wedding Photography in London

Documentary Wedding Photography in London

Documentary Wedding Photography in LondonBased in London my style of wedding photography is known as Documentary Wedding Photography. You will¬†notice that documentary photojournalism is also known as reportage photography.¬†Photojournalism is about documenting a wedding as it happens, being emotionally ‘tuned-in’ to the bride, groom and guests. True reportage¬†is not running around snapping away with no purpose… it is however a craft and takes patience, concentration and sound knowledge of light.

20-30 years ago a Documentary Wedding Photographer had no place at a wedding, it was traditional and that was that. Perfectly posed and beautifully lit. The modern bride and groom still demand the same high standard of wedding photography, and rightly so however they now want a more story telling documentary flow to their photographs.

You will also notice from the gallery and many of the other images on my website that I enjoy black and white wedding photography. Black and white wedding photography seems to give an air of timelessness to weddings, as if it’s recalling a more romantic age. Whilst working predominantly in black and white, I also offer colour for appropriate images and any image can be reconverted back into colour should you so wish.

Here are some of my favourite Documentary Wedding Photography from some of my recent weddings…. if you like what you see please get in touch for a completely informal chat about your wedding.

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