Planning a Wedding

The Gomes Photography guide to planning a wedding.


18 months before

  • Start your wedding guest list, you will need to know how many are coming and if your desired venue will accommodate, make the list as a rough figure, you know what it’s like with family 18 months is a long time for lots of falling outs
  • Find your perfect wedding venue, this may take some time and you will need to visit lots of lots of venues, the groom to be will be delighted by this
  • Set the date and book with Venue and registrar
  • Choose your bridesmaids, ushers and best man, preferably ones that are likely to be reliable enough to turn up on the day
  • Decide on your colour scheme and will it match with the carpet and curtains at the venue
  • Shop for outfits, depending on what sort of dress you are looking for some designers require at least 8 months to make a dress for you, also you will need to try on lots of dresses before you find the one
  • Book the wedding photographer, Gomes Photography of course
  • If you are looking to have your honeymoon immediately after the wedding then start looking to book your honeymoon so you get the dates and location you want, if you have kids start bribing someone now to have then if you want a child free honeymoon

12 months before

  • Book the masters of ceremonies, always handy to make the day go smoothly
  • Book your wedding cars if you’re having them
  • Book your videographer , you do not want to miss Aunt Flo doing the Can Can
  • Start your wedding gift list or as most people live together and already have everything arrange how guest can give to your chosen charity, good for the charity and saves you having to do a boot sale afterwards to get rid of all the dodgy gifts
  • Order your wedding cake
  • Order your stationary or make your own, making your own is much more personal and saves loads of money and let’s be honest will become tomorrow’s recycling anyway

6 -9 months before

  • Book evening entertainment and don’t forget the daytime, whilst your off having your pics taken don’t let your guests get bored, they will only start picking faults with the venue, dress, food, flowers, drink, we all have a Aunt Maud that will moan at everything but we have to invite her because it would be unheard of not to
  • Arrange wedding flowers
  • Buy wedding rings, make sure you try to get diamonds in it to match your engagement ring
  • Post out wedding invitations to the ones that made the final list

3 Months before

  • Confirm details with registrar or minister
  • Buy favours for the table or again make your own
  • Confirm menu requirements and final details with venue

1 Month

  • Arrange seating plan, if you want a quiet wedding keep enemies on separate sides of the room however if you want a bit of spark to your wedding then make sure they are in ear shot of each other and watch the fireworks
  • Final fitting for wedding outfits, hopefully having the dress taken in and not adding to it.
  • Run through the group shots you want taken by the photographer making sure you don’t tell Aunt Maud when they are happening as she is a miserable as sin and will ruin your photos. Try to keep the groups shots to a minimum (5 is great)

1 Week

  • Have final rehearsal of wedding ceremony, ensuring your heals will stay on throughout the service and checking where the Compeed will need to go
  • Give final number of guest to the venue, having taken off the ones you have fallen out with and adding on the ones you have made up with that week
  • Take all place cards, table bits, favours, table plan etc to venue
  • Make a final check on catering, cake, transport, flowers, photographer, entertainment and honeymoon and make sure the groom to be has made it back from the stag night