Your Role at the Wedding

The success of a wedding ceremony depends as much on the wedding party as on the elaborate arrangements at the venue. Ideally, they should be involved in everystage of arrangements leading up to the actual event. Their active involvement in the arrangements will ensure that they get to know each other well and coordination on the all-important day does not become an issue. Therefore, it is imperative that your wedding party knows exactly what their role in the event is.The selection of people that form the wedding party is an onerous task. Only the most trustworthy should pass the muster. Once you’ve finalised your wedding party, it’s advisable to have a one-on-one with them so that they are made aware of your expectations from them. Even they can provide some useful inputs from their experiences, which can be incorporated in the overall scheme of things.So, exactly who are these people that constitute a wedding party and what are their roles?Let’s start with the bride and the groom. After all, they are the main actors of the entire show. Essentially, bride and the groom are responsible for running the show. You’ll take all the credit if the event is a success, but you should also be ready to cop all the blame in case anything unpleasant occurs at the venue, irrespective of the fact that the fault lies on someone else’s head.The about-to-be-weds are accompanied by attendants, known as chief bridesmaid or maid/matron of honour and the best man, respectively. Their role is to accompany you during engagement as well as the wedding day. Usually, both these attendants are expected to make a brief speech at the reception. Though the best man and chief bridesmaid would like to keep the contents of their speech a secret from the groom and the bride respectively, it is better if they can just share the salient points of their speech with them before the reception, in order to avoid last minute embarrassment before the guests.

The chief bridesmaid and the best man are, in turn, helped by bridesmaids and ushers, respectively. The role of bridesmaids is to tend to all the chores of the bride before the wedding, apart from looking attractive themselves. They will accompany the bride to all the pre-wedding shopping and help her in selecting the right dress and the accompanying accessories. They will also be responsible for getting the bride ready on the morning of the wedding. Unlike the ancient times, when the bridesmaids were used to provide decoy to prevent kidnapping of bride by evil spirits, the modern bridesmaids are the trusted friends or relatives of the bride whom she relies on to help her prepare for her big day.

Similarly, ushers are expected to help out the groom for all his pre-wedding requirements. However, the ushers report directly to the best man. The thumb rule is one usher for every fifty guests, so that there is no scarcity of ushers to assist and look after the guests. The ushers also get to escort the bridesmaids during the course of the day and during the procession following the bride. In short, ushers are the ones who need to manage the whole event and ensure there is not even a glitch in the proceedings.

Family members of the bride and the groom, especially the respective parents, also have an important role to play throughout the wedding. Essentially, the parents should act as responsible facilitators in anything the couple request them for. The mother of the grooms role on the day is less, however involvement in the pre-wedding build up is essential. Providing support and guidance to not only the groom but the whole family. As expected the Father of the Brides role is vital, handing his daughter over to her new family.

Being a guest at a wedding does not mean you can get away with murder! The guests need to follow some basic etiquette so that the hosts too enjoy their presence.

In order to acknowledge the all-important role played by your wedding party, you must not forget to introduce them to the wedding photographer you’ve hired to cover the event.

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