The Bride

The wedding day is approaching and you are already having butterflies in your stomach. Relax! You are not alone. Every bride goes through this roller-coaster ride of emotions. But the best part of it is that at the end of the day, you would’ve thoroughly enjoyed the joyride!

So, kick-start the wedding preparations with the man of your choice! Share your idea of a perfect wedding with your groom. Visualise the nitty-gritty of your dream wedding and actualise it by planning every small detail with precision. Though it’s a stressful task, yet the satisfaction you’ll get from planning your own wedding is quite unparalleled.

Don’t forget to buy your dream wedding dress embellished with all the complementing accessories, like bows, gloves, head-dress, etc. For all your purchases, you’ll need to select your chief bridesmaid and bridesmaids with discretion, since they’ll accompany you and help in your purchases. As a pointer, identify your friends or relatives who share your idea of a dream wedding and upon whom you can rely on important matters.

Getting ready for your big day is an event in itself. Make sure that the chief bridesmaid and the bridesmaids understand what you are planning to look like. The make-up you need may require the services of a professional. So, prior appointment with your preferred make-up artists must be arranged well in time (ideally 7-10 days prior to the wedding date).