The Father of the Bride

The father of the bride is a rock-solid figure behind his daughter whom she looks up to for support, even on the biggest day of her life. After all, it’s her father who has helped her sail through life’s turbulent moments.

Traditionally, father of the bride is the chief financier for the wedding. Even in modern times, father of the bride is expected to share the financial burden for her daughter. However, more and more couples are now earning enough to foot the bills of their own marriage.

In the absence of sufficient financial resources at the disposal of the bride, her father is expected to pay for the dresses of bridebridesmaidsmother of the bride and of course, his own. He is also traditionally mandated to pay for the floral decoration at the church and reception besides the bills of the wedding photographer who is carefully chosen to capture the sweet moments of his daughter’s wedding. Wedding stationery and transportation costs are also borne by the father of the bride. However, the fattest cheque is reserved for the reception party.

The bride’s father is well-advised to plan the budget for his daughter’s wedding well in advance in order to avoid the last minute hassles. Generally, the parents of the groom too pitch in with their respective share and ease out the financial burden of the bride’s father. Therefore, it is advisable to consult and coordinate with each other and determine who is paying what and how much.

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