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Canon 5D Mark III High ISO & HDR Test

Canon 5D Mark III High ISO & HDR Test: After 4 years of development the Canon 5D Mark III digital SLR was released to the relief of many a wedding photographer only a few weeks ago. Surprisingly the camera was available to buy also immediately and I decided to take the plunge.

As a busy London Wedding Photographer I didn’t want to test the camera at a real wedding so decided to put the camera through its paces before and see how much of the new or improved functionality I will actually use. There’s lots of talk on the web of a two stop ISO improvement over the 5DMark II which in my opinion is exaggerated however still a considerable improvement, perhaps one stop.

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Vintage Inspired Wedding Dresses

Photo courtesy of the The Vintage Wedding Dress Company in Bloomsbury, London WC1

What’s common between Lily Allen and Kate Middleton except the fact that both got married in 2011?

Well, it’s the retro look and the vintage inspired wedding dresses they wore on their special day!

So, why a sudden craze for vintage inspired wedding dresses? Just because the celebrities are wearing them, right! Wrong! Admitted, celebrities do inspire, but there’s something about vintage wedding dresses that do not need celebrities for publicity. In fact, they are the celebrities in their own right.

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Unique Wedding Ideas in the UK

Unique Wedding Ideas in the UK Unique Wedding Ideas in the UK : If you live in the UK or planning to get married here, there are no shortages of unique wedding ideas to make your day historic. While you may be inclined to celebrate your wedding with the usual pomp and gay abandon – much like most of the weddings happening around UK, yet you must ponder over the thought of making your wedding a unique affair by doing something that is unusual and surprisingly pleasant for everyone present. Not for a moment am I suggesting that the wedding should be a dull affair. However, the effort should be to make it an unforgettable event for the guests as well as yourself.

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