Unique Wedding Ideas in the UK

Unique Wedding Ideas in the UK Unique Wedding Ideas in the UK : If you live in the UK or planning to get married here, there are no shortages of unique wedding ideas to make your day historic. While you may be inclined to celebrate your wedding with the usual pomp and gay abandon – much like most of the weddings happening around UK, yet you must ponder over the thought of making your wedding a unique affair by doing something that is unusual and surprisingly pleasant for everyone present. Not for a moment am I suggesting that the wedding should be a dull affair. However, the effort should be to make it an unforgettable event for the guests as well as yourself.

The time spent on searching for and implementing unique UK wedding ideas is worth its weight in gold. It will continuously ring in happy memories when you are in a flashback mode or gripped by nostalgia. In the subsequent paragraphs, I will discuss some unique UK wedding ideas in the subsequent paragraphs that can turn you into an object of envy for every married couple you know, who had a ‘usual’ marriage.

However, to eternalise your unique wedding, a professional wedding photographer is a must. A wedding photographer in London should be given preference over others simply because London wedding photography is known to be the most competitive in the country.

Due to its metropolitan character, London is home to some of the finest wedding photographers in the world. The city gives them an opportunity to explore different cultures. For instance, an Asian marriage is quite different from a typical Christian wedding. This cultural potpourri gives London wedding photography ample opportunities to excel and show its vibrant hues in myriad forms.

The first unique wedding idea is to select a venue that represents culture and heritage of UK. The country is replete with castles, manors, and old mansions that are well-preserved by their caretakers. Instead of usual resorts and wedding halls, you can opt for such royal venues to give a pleasant surprise to the guests

Another out-of-the-box UK wedding idea is to pick unique timing of your marriage. For instance, 4:10 PM on October 4 (4/10) could etch in the memories of all the guests present so that they never forget to wish you on your anniversary.

The guests could be given a thank you gift in the form of a finely embroidered handkerchief with the names of bride and groom along with date of marriage etched on it. Alternatively, a coffee mug with the names of bride and groom along with date of marriage printed on it could also be given as a token of gratitude.

Why not hire a wedding photojournalist who is trained to capture the wedding as it happens without disturbing the normal flow of things? This could be a welcome relief from the monotonous wedding photographers who insist on posed photography resulting in disrupting the natural flow of events.

Put your thinking cap on and you’ll find hundreds of creative and unique UK wedding ideas floating around. After finalising your wedding idea, don’t forget to hire a professional and qualified wedding photographer in London who will give life to your plans of having a dream wedding.

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