Vintage Inspired Wedding Dresses

Photo courtesy of the The Vintage Wedding Dress Company in Bloomsbury, London WC1

What’s common between Lily Allen and Kate Middleton except the fact that both got married in 2011?

Well, it’s the retro look and the vintage inspired wedding dresses they wore on their special day!

So, why a sudden craze for vintage inspired wedding dresses? Just because the celebrities are wearing them, right! Wrong! Admitted, celebrities do inspire, but there’s something about vintage wedding dresses that do not need celebrities for publicity. In fact, they are the celebrities in their own right.

Right from the time they start visualising their wedding, girls have this notion of getting decked up like a princess in one of those retro looks and walk the aisle with their prince charming. Blame it on television, Internet, and other media, but little girls do fantasise about their wedding day and how they’ll look in one of those chic wedding dresses. It’s here that Lily Allens and Kate Middletons capture the imagination of young minds and take them on a fantasy trip where the retro look is given a new meaning in the shape of vintage wedding dresses.

Another inspiration for the girls is the wedding album of their mum, who looked her resplendent best in the vintage look. If you have the leisure of family heirloom, then try out what your mum wore, but chances are that the dress will either not fit you or somehow it won’t suit you the way you want it to. Perhaps, it’s time to browse through those perfect vintage wedding dresses designed and collected by a reliable designer company, like London-based The Vintage Wedding Dress Company.

The Vintage Wedding Dress Company

The most important feature of an impressing vintage wedding dress is the choice and use of colour in the dress. White, though universal, often gives out a monotonous look. The modern designers have the advantage of hindsight. They have the leisure of having seen the works of retro designers as well as the modern wedding dress designers. In other words, they know the expectations of modern girls. So, don’t be surprised by the choice of neo, yet complementary, colours in the vintage inspired wedding dresses housed by The Vintage Wedding Dress Company. Beige, romantic ivory, peach, and the like colours are the ones that define your wedding dress and differentiate it from the usual.

It’s not that your vintage wedding dress is sufficient to create that retro look. You still need to embellish it with the complementary accessories in order to compete with the likes of Kate Middleton and Lily Allen. The good thing about a vintage inspired wedding dress shop, like the one established by The Vintage Wedding Dress Company, is their collection of original Victorian-era and through to the 1970’s gowns and accessories that have been cleaned with a special cleaner, which restores them to their original beauty. These accessories can be customised and tailored to suit your requirements.

Once you have selected your vintage wedding dress, don’t forget to hire a professional and qualified London wedding photographer who can make you look even more gorgeous with his special expertise with the camera.

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