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Finally, after much debate and discussion over the coffee table, your wedding date is fixed and you are super excited about getting dolled up for your happiest day! Before you get too excited, however, have you cross-checked the weather forecast for the day? Will it be sunny? Or is it going to be a wet day? The weather can be fickle in London and surrounding areas, especially during summers, when it can rain cats and dogs on some really wet days. So, it makes sense to be prepared for a wet wedding day if the forecast predicts so.
If you always wanted the Sun to shine and shower its blessings on your momentous day, don’t fret over a wet wedding day ‘coz the romance of wedding on a rainy day can be equally memorable, if not more. When you have all the contingency plans for a wet wedding in place, rest assured that you won’t just have a romantic wedding, but romance will be in the air too!


It’s in such challenging situations where the true skills and mettle of a wedding photographer come to the fore. Your wedding photographer should be sufficiently trained and equipped to tackle all the exigencies that could be anticipated on a wedding day. For instance, familiarity with the venue plays a vital role in such situations. An experienced UK wedding photographer will know the alternative indoor location, which will be ideal for different set of shoots; thus, saving you from last minute embarrassment of trying to locate alternate sheltered locations.


Your photographer should be qualified enough to know how to preserve his equipment from damage in the rains  Though the modern photographic equipment does not break down on minor wetting, yet the wedding photographer must take ample precautions to prevent potential damage, lest it runs
the risk of having a wedding without any photographic memories.


A professional wedding photographer in the UK will always have at least two spare chic umbrellas in his car for groom and the bride, in case it rains on the wedding day. However, this doesn’t mean that you can simply rely on those two umbrellas to sail through the event. Remember, not all guests will be carrying their umbrellas to the venue.


So, the first thing to do is to arrange for plenty of spare umbrellas that can be placed in a bucket outside the door of the venue, or you can utilise the services of ushers to facilitate easy supply of umbrellas to any guest in need. While selecting the umbrellas, make sure that they complement the overall colour scheme of your wedding venue.
After catering for the guests, it’s your turn to prepare well for a wet wedding day. Start with buying a big umbrella to walk from the car to the venue. A complementing large umbrella will not just prevent your make-up and dress; it’ll also enhance the look and feel of the photographs. Shoes and footwear is another casualty when it pelts hard from the sky. It won’t be a bad idea to wear trainers to walk from the car to the venue, and then changing to your formal footwear.
A wet wedding day is an opportunity to welcome the rain as your guest from heaven who is especially there to bless you with all its watery pearls!

Why not get in contact to discuss your wedding day plans with an all weather experienced wedding photographer.

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  1. Simon & Gill July 26, 2011 at 9:19 pm #

    Fabulous pictures Iain – they just keep getting better and better x

  2. sharon Mallinson August 25, 2011 at 11:59 pm #

    good salutory points – puts the fear of god up the uncle bobs!

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