What to look for in a wedding photographer?

Sundridge Park Manor Wedding Photography by Gomes PhotographyFinally, you’ve decided to settle down and get married to the one who enjoys ‘special’ status in your life. Now, comes the difficult part – planning for the most important day of your life. Right from selecting the venue to sending the invites to the guests, the checklist is long. But have you ever wondered how to preserve the memories of your wedding? It’s here that the role of a professional wedding photographer who can offer some great wedding photography becomes pivotal.

Undoubtedly, you’ll have plenty of choices before zeroing in on your perfect wedding photographer in London. But the million-pound question is: what to look for in a wedding photographer in order to ensure that your special day is turned into a memorable one? Especially in a big city like London, where you are pampered for choices, it could become tricky to select a London wedding photographer that has the talent and expertise to make your wedding an everlasting event. Therefore, it is not a bad idea to spend some time scouting for the best wedding photographers in town. References from other brides and grooms are a good starting point.

In order to ensure great wedding photography for your special day, the first question to ask from the wedding photographer is definitely not his fees, but the results he can guarantee. A cheap London wedding photographer may save you some money, but will deliver disappointing results that can ruin your memories forever. A good wedding photographer in London will never compromise on the quality of output he can deliver. Make sure you check the wedding photographers portfolio and look for recent weddings.

The next step is to get a bit technical and ask about the quality and comparison analysis of the equipment they will be using to cover your big day. A high resolution digital camera is a given in modern times for a professional wedding photographer in London. The cameras with films are out-of-date and have extremely limited capabilities. You must also ask for different styles of wedding photography they offer, their benefits and comparisons with other styles. For instance, special wedding occasions are glorified by specific style of photography, like posed shots for profiling, spontaneous shots during meal time, black and white touch to give nostalgic feeling to some photos. You must ask if the photographer is qualified , do they have insurance to protect you from any mishaps, do they have a back up in case of illness.

The key to selecting an ideal wedding photographer in London is to ask plenty of questions about the exact nature and scope of services they are offering in the contract. The idea is to save yourself from the unpleasant surprises at the time of your wedding or while collecting the proofs. You must be absolutely sure of what to expect from the photographer and communicate your requirements to him in no uncertain terms.

The personality of wedding photographer should be pleasing since you and your esteemed guests will be spending a full day with him, and don’t want to end up in the company of a ‘difficult’ personality when you are enjoying the special day of your life.

Professionalism, efficiency, and the quality of being organised are some of the other important characteristics in a London wedding photographer you must look for while finding answers to the vital question – what to look for in a wedding photographer?

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