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Canon 5D Mark III High ISO & HDR Test

Canon 5D Mark III High ISO & HDR Test: After 4 years of development the Canon 5D Mark III digital SLR was released to the relief of many a wedding photographer only a few weeks ago. Surprisingly the camera was available to buy also immediately and I decided to take the plunge.

As a busy London Wedding Photographer I didn’t want to test the camera at a real wedding so decided to put the camera through its paces before and see how much of the new or improved functionality I will actually use. There’s lots of talk on the web of a two stop ISO improvement over the 5DMark II which in my opinion is exaggerated however still a considerable improvement, perhaps one stop.

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Kent Wedding Photography

Kent Wedding Photography: Last week I was in Fittenden in Kent to photograph the wedding of Laura and Miles. As luck would have it the weather was perfect, with glorious sunshine from start to finish. Kent Wedding Photography by Gomes Photography.

Here are some early photos from the day.

Kent Wedding Photography

HDR +1.5 0 – 1.5 ISO 100 17MM F/11 1/125

Kent Wedding Photographer

iso100 185mm f/3.5/1/200sec every Kent wedding needs a sheep

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