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Mayfair Wedding Photographer

Claridges Hotel Wedding Photographer
Mayfair Wedding Photographer: This year I have photographed many many weddings and I can honestly say I have enjoyed all of them. They have all been very different, from Castles in Kent to boutique hotels in central London.

However what makes a wedding enjoyable for me thou isn’t the venue, it’s the people. That may sound like a cliché but it is so very true. It’s very humbling to be asked to photograph a couples special day and then to become friends with them after makes it for me.

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Greenwich Wedding Photography

Greenwich Wedding Photography: If you follow my blog regularly you will know that this year has been extremely busy with weddings. With 53 weddings booked in 2012 you will forgiven for thinking that weddings can become mundane for me. Well far from it actually, every wedding I photograph I give the same care, commitment and attention to detail as the last. It may be my 53rd wedding of the year but it’s your first wedding together and that I never forget.

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