Tips for the perfect wedding venue

Tips for the perfect wedding venue.

Tips for the perfect wedding venue.

Cooling Castle Barn in Rochester Kent


This guide will help you through the process of finding the perfect wedding venue and the questions that you should ask to ensure that your wedding really is perfect.


The first thing that you should do is decide where you would like to get married. If you’re not looking for a location that will also cater for both the reception and the ceremony then you need to look for venues that are within reasonable distance to where the ceremony will be taking place, if you are planning to do it all in one place then check with the venue that they are licensed to do so.


The location of your venue is largely dictated by its proximity to where you plan to be married.  You should also consider where your guest will be travelling from. If you have guests that are flying in then it makes sense t have your wedding which is easily accessible to the airport, if your ceremony location is remote then you might want to lay on transport for your guests to make their lives easier and prevent them from getting lost, if your guests are travelling far then it may be an idea to find hotels nearby where they can stay or a venue with accommodation.

In House Planner

This is beneficial as they will have recommendations for good suppliers and experience of what works and what doesn’t at the location.

Inside v Outside

Even if you are marrying in summer you must still consider the possibility of inclement weather.  Keep this in mind when looking at locations; ask them how they make the location work during good and bad weather scenario.  Your final choice of venue must be one that is beautiful no matter what the weather.

Marquee or Marquee Extension

Some venues will offer this if they cannot accommodate large numbers in their property, check what is included in the cost, items such as heating, cooling, toilets and furniture can all be extras and add to your total cost.


You need to check whether it’s in house or do you need to hire one in and do they have a list of recommended caterers that are familiar with the venue. If you are hiring from outside do they require a catering tent and is this at an extra cost to you, you may also want to get quotes from a few and compare menus, it’s worth noting that some venues will only work with preferred caterers.

What is Included

Once you have a short list of venues ask them to send you a detailed cast with what’s included, some venues include linen, tables, chairs, stationary, flowers candles in the per person cost.


One thing to check is whether you are having children at your wedding and does the venue allow them, if you are opting to have a crèche for the children then check with the venue that there is enough room to accommodate this.


If you are thinking about supplying your own alcohol then you need to check with the venue that they do allow it, many don’t, if you are bringing in your own caterers that corkage is usually an option.


Is there parking at the location? It is advisable to notify your guest in their invitation, if you are providing transport them check the driveway can accommodate coaches or double deckers.

Tips for the perfect wedding venue

Gaynes Park in Essex


Do you need to consider disabled guest, is there ramps, lifts, toilets to accommodate.


Ask the venue how many staff they will have on the day (you can normally expect one food service waiter per table and one wine waiter for every 2 or 3 tables) check also what they will be wearing, also is there a front of house manager who will be making all the announcements if you are not using a toastmaster.


How long will you have the venue for, will they charge extra if your suppliers need to get in early, also if you want to party later can they apply for a license extension?

Do’s and Don’ts

Check what you can and can’t do, Red wine, Stiletto heels, amplified music, fireworks, confetti.

Check your contract

Once you have confirmed and the venue has given you a contract, check through all the details carefully for items such as minimum numbers, starting prices quoted for menu, wine etc.
Do the prices include VAT and service? It is better to be contracted for fewer guest that you expect, this way if you do end up with fewer, you have not been contracted to pay for them.

And most importantly have a fantastic time wherever you choose.

Tips for the perfect wedding venue.