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Rock My Wedding is one of those rare UK wedding blogs that gives the soon-to-be-brides gazillions of wedding ideas sitting in the comfort of their own homes. You may visit hundreds of wedding websites and wedding blogs in search of those unique wedding ideas to make your day, but a blog that extensively covers every facet of a wedding is a rarity.

Rock My Wedding was created by newly-wed Charlotte O’Shea in October 2009 with an aim to inspire the soon-to-be-brides with several wedding ideas. The blog posts are updated on a remarkable regularity thanks to the efforts of Rebecca Norris, who regularly contributed to the blog and finally joined it in November 2009, and Adam Crohill, a versatile designer, developed and blogger. Together with Charlotte, Rebecca and Adam have made Rock My Wedding a must-visit wedding blog for any soon-to-be-bride.

So, what makes Rock My Wedding special?


Firstly, the blog is categorised quite intuitively. Who can guess the nature of a website with categories, like ‘Beauty not Beast’, ‘Undress’, ‘Chic & Unique’, ‘Style Savvy’, ‘The Facts of Wife’, and ‘Our Big Day Our Way’? Dig a little and you will be amused to find sub-categories under ‘Beauty not Beast’, like ‘How to’, ‘Need to Know’, ‘Product Love’. Before you double-guess the contents, allow me to break the suspense here!

‘How to’ sub-category will give step-by-step instructions on topics such as how to look ravishing during spring time. The instructions are replete with high quality photographs along with complete information about the kind of make-up you should wear. Similarly, topic like how to DIY bridal hair will give in-depth details about the hair styling processes that can be followed at home without paying a visit to an expensive salon.

Through ‘Need to Know’ sub-category, Charlotte tells her own story in order to drive home some essential facts that soon-to-be-brides must know. They may be fretting over their looks, their figure, their ‘imperfection’, etc. before their appointed day. But one reading of this sub-category should relieve them and allay all their fears.

‘Product Love’ sub-category informs about the essential products for the soon-to-be-brides and from where to procure them.

This trend is repeated under all the other categories as well.

The readers are also encouraged to send in their wedding ideas. After rigorous sorting of the entries, the successful ones are posted on Rock My Wedding. This is a limited period contest and no surprises that the number of entries is often huge.

One thing that stands out in Rock My Wedding blog is the quality of photographs, which is simply awesome. No details are missed in the pictures, although at times, they seem too many on a single page. The message is conveyed so subtly and so graphically that the readers are left with no room for imagination regarding the instructions and information contained on the blog.

A little time spent in exploring this rare UK wedding blog is worth the effort. The key in researching this stunning wedding blog is to be patient. You may not get excited by its first look, but the more you get into it, the longer you’ll stay with it.

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