Why is Wedding Photography So Expensive?

The devil lies in details…  Why is Wedding Photography So Expensive?


Why is Wedding Photography So Expensive?

Ever wondered why a simple cake made from grains and other natural products cost a bomb? It’s the embellishments and added ingredients that make it soft, delightful and an irresistible craving, and not to mention the efforts and knowledge of the baker who has spent hours to learn the fine art of baking a mouth-watering cake. Undoubtedly, the cost of the cake magnifies manifold.


Wedding photography is no different. Anyone can click a camera button and take a snap. We all do at some point in our lives. But can we claim to having become masters of clicking once-in-a-lifetime moments and immortalise them with those artistic photographs? Certainly, NOT! It’s the job of a specialist who has earned his stripes through sheer hard work and years of experience. Besides, there are many factors at work that make fantastic wedding photography a costly affair.


1. Professional Service: Modern wedding photography has transformed from simple posed photography to photojournalistic style, which vividly documents each special moment of your wedding and captures its varied moods in different hues. The emotions of the bride, the groom and the wedding party depict different stories on the wedding day. The job of a wedding photographer is to capture this emotional roller coaster at different times and present it in an eternal form, which tells the same story.


Thus, wedding photography is a professional’s job that not just requires understanding of the finer details of photography, light, posing and dealing with people but also the skills required in a wedding to capture the events as they happen from difficult angles. A good wedding photographer spends a fortune on learning the photographic skills first as a student and then as an apprentice; and as a professional wedding photographer, he/she is justified in charging an amount, which may seem to be on a higher side.


2. Time Investment: A common misperception about a wedding photographer relates to the time spent on the job. It is easier to visualise that they spend just 7-8 hours clicking wedding photographs and presenting an inflated bill. Far from this, a good wedding photographer spends more time than people would imagine delivering something that is a keepsake. His day starts early, often even the day before by preparing the equipment and all the paraphernalia required for photography. If he has an assistant, he needs to ensure that the assistant is ready and all-equipped for the wedding day. All the cameras, lighting, and other gadgetry are loaded on the car/vehicle before driving down to the venue.


Prior to the wedding day your wedding photographer will have met you once, perhaps many times to finalise all the details. He/she will have visited the venue to familiarise themselves with the venue.

The wedding day itself takes about 8-9 hours with all the ceremonies and switching between the brides preparation address, the church and then the reception party.



3. Skill Employment: So you’re off on your honeymoon and enjoying life as a newly married couple, well this is the time that the wedding photographer starts post-wedding image editing. He needs a lot of time, patience, and above all, required skill to format, edit and perfect all the pictures so that you can select the ones you want. Normally 2-3 days are required to perfect every image. After you’ve selected the photographs, they need to be sent to print, cutting out into a CD and uploading them to a website for viewing. All these tasks require expertise and specialised skills, which need time and professional training to achieve and perfect.


There are some wedding photographers who offer a ‘shoot and burn’ package. They will simply download the images onto a CD/Memory Stick and give you the unedited images. This type of package is normally priced cheaper due to the significantly less effort required. I am delighted that my clients prefer the full wedding photography service.


When it comes to skill a great wedding photographer will be handle many different weather and lighting scenarios. The obvious one is rain. So you have 150 guests and the heavens have opened so what about the group shot that nan and granddad have been talking about for weeks. Well if your chosen wedding photographer gets everyone together in a room, pops up a little flash on his camera and shoots then be worried, be very worried. The image will be very bad. A great wedding photograph will come equipped with lights and light modifiers to be able to give you clean crisp images in any weather scenario. He will also be a master at getting the groups together quickly and efficiently giving you quality time to spend with your guests.


4. Technology Investment: A good wedding photographer is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, obviously cameras, a plethora of lenses, high-powered computers, lighting equipment, sophisticated software and other specially designed software and hardware in order to achieve the level of perfection desired from any wedding photographer. Apart from this capital investment, a professional wedding photographer also has an online presence with an impressive website depicting his/her portfolio, gallery of work and other useful information for the clients and prospective clients.


There is a lot of money investment required to keep abreast of the latest technology in the field of wedding photography.


5. Unavoidable Expenditure: Governmental expenditure in the form of licensing, taxes and insurance premiums are mandatory for any business. Like an unavoidable mother-in-law that comes packaged with a wedding, such expenditures cannot be avoided and inevitably, proportionately included in your wedding photography bill. Also don’t forget if you’re getting married in London then your Wedding Photographer in London may have to pay that lovely congestion charge and overly inflated parking charges.


So after all that you will start to notice that the quote from your chosen wedding photographer isn’t just in relation to the 7-8 hours you see him on the day. An average wedding will take him 4-5 days. All of a sudden that £1500 quote, when broken down, starts to look very reasonable and fair.


so why is Wedding Photography So Expensive?

 Why is Wedding Photography So Expensive?


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