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Iain Gomes –  Wedding Photographer London

About me…

I’m 36 37 38 39 40 41 years old,
Born and raised in London
I have three gorgeous boys
My partner Janet is the love of my life
Janet says that I have terrible taste in music
My dress sense is pretty shocking, although I think I look good
I love chocolate, not the posh stuff either.. Cadburys
I love Coffee
I love gadgets
I have a passion for crocodiles (don’t ask)
I hate snakes, worms and spiders.
I love a Jalfrezi

So now you know a bit about me here’s my approach to wedding photography


There are a few different styles of wedding photography available to the modern bride and groom, from pure documentary (also known as Reportage Wedding Photography) Contemporary and of course not forgetting Traditional.

By combining the different styles, I can offer my clients the best all-round photography experience. As you can see I love the photojournalistic (PJ) style but true PJ photographers will not change, influence or alter any part of the wedding. This is where my contemporary passion emerges. I will use natural light where possible however if I do not like the quality of the light I will create my own light.

Does this mean your wedding day will be taken over by massive lighting rigs? No, far from it. I use small flashes often clamped high up and away. In the UK, you simply have to be experienced photographing in low light. Fact. This is the difference between a professional photographer and a friend with an expensive camera.

I love crisp clean and sharp images and so to create this effect I use studio and fashion lighting techniques. Photography fads come and go and soon start to look dated, that’s why I believe in no gimmicks or crazy post production madness. Perfectly exposed, beautifully lit images that will stand the test of time, and most importantly will not embarrass you in years to come. 🙂

I appreciate that the day is yours and it is to be shared with your family and friends and not solely in front of a camera… so I pick my moments carefully to create the images that I know you will love. All of my clients appreciate photography so are happy to work with me. I don’t ask my bride and grooms to hang from trees (however if that’s your thing then lets discuss it) nor do I fuss over the correct placement of hands and fingers…I will put you in the location I have found and I will let you have a moment to yourselves. These are the moment I want to photograph.

When it comes to the bride and groom portraits I love finding exciting vibrant locations and creating something different, something special.

I hope these words have inspired you to get in contact with me to discuss your wedding day in more detail. Feel free to call me on 0203 837 4953 or email or simply by completing the form below.


Thank you