A Wet and Windy Essex wedding…..

A wet and windy Essex weddingSome of you may remember Danny and Jo’s Essex wedding that I blogged back in December.. well a few days a go I received this lovely testimonial from the couple.


A wet and windy Essex wedding….. by Danny and Jo Cooper

“My wife and I began planning our wedding in about April 2012 and by June we were in a position where we had our date booked with the Chapel and with our reception venue and so began looking around for a photographer to capture the events of the day.

Because we had decided to get married in December and in a chapel that had no electricity we were concerned that the lighting level within the chapel would be very low and so looked for a photographer who was equipped to deal with these conditions.  Our other main consideration was that we did not want the usual 60 picture album that most wedding photographers offer.  Instead we wanted a DVD containing all of the images that were taken throughout the day.

In June we began talking to a few photographers who we had mainly found on the internet.  Iain was very quick to respond to my emails and was keen to meet us to discuss our needs in person and so we arranged a time and date where he came to our house.  On our first meeting Iain appeared to be very professional and answered all of our questions fully and confidently.  We felt comfortable talking to him and decided quite soon after he left the house that we wanted to use him to photograph our wedding day.

Our second meeting with Iain was in November, a couple of weeks before our wedding day.  We met him at our chapel and then took him to the reception venue so as to show him both locations and to discuss his and our ideas for pictures.  Iain was very excited about the locations that we had chosen and very enthusiastic about the ideas he was having for potential photos.  Joanne had been looking on the internet at arty wedding photos and so had several ideas of her own that she wanted Iain to try and capture on the day.  Some of Joanne’s ideas where quite unconventional but Iain was very keen to try them out as well as offering his own take on what she was asking.  We left the second meeting feeling extremely happy with our choice of photographer and very confident that we were going to get some great pictures.

Our wedding day was on the 7th December 2012 and it was a very wet and windy day.  Iain arrived first at our house and began taking pictures with Joanne and her wedding party straight away.  During the ceremony Iain remained at the front of the chapel and took some great pictures of both us and our guests.  Following the ceremony we decided that it was too cold and windy to ask the guests to stand outside and so Iain came up with some ideas for group shots within the chapel and with Joanne and I alone around the chapel grounds.  Iain was very good at adapting his ideas and techniques to fit with the changing weather conditions on the day.

Once we arrived at the reception venue Iain helped us arrange some more group photos within the venue itself, he also came up with some great ideas for staged shots of Joanne and I, some of which involved Iain getting very cold and quite wet.  Throughout the day Iain blended in with our guests really well.  He was so un-intrusive and friendly that most people didn’t even realise he was there for the most part. 

To me Iain is a very professional and very talented photographer.  When he wasn’t taking photos he was thinking about interesting photo opportunities and when he had one he would come running over to us, really excited and tell us to follow him.  Iain is very passionate and excited about his ideas and about his trade and this really carries through in the images that he produces.

We are both so incredibly happy with our choice to use Iain as our wedding photographer and are simply amazed at some of the beautiful images he produced for us.”


Thank you guys for taking the time to write such a lovely testimonial. I’m looking forward to meeting up for a coffee and a chat to go over the memories again of what was an amazing wet and windy Essex wedding.


a wet and windy essex wedding

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