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Greek Wedding Photographer LondonGreek Wedding Photographer London: Huge amounts of fun, minimum posing and zero stress is what challenges the preconceived idea and dare I say it stereotypical wedding photographer. Having to shoot endless amounts of groups shots and getting couples to pose in silly positions would drive me nuts so I’m pleased to attract like minded couples who simply want a stress free wedding photography experience.

More often than not I am booked 6-12 months before the wedding however every now and then I’m booked at the last minute. Anna and Peter’s wedding was very last minute, I met them on the Saturday and photographed their fabulous Greek wedding the very next day. Unfortunately their original wedding photographer was taken ill and called me up on the off chance of being available, which I was.

As a Wedding Photographer in London, I am blessed, and it really is a blessing, to photograph some beautiful venues with some fantastic couples. Anna and Peter dated for 4 years before their wedding day and it was obvious from the moment I met them, the day before their wedding day, that the day itself would be a special one.  The wedding ceremony was held at the Greek Orthodox Church of St John the Baptist in  Hornsey North London and the reception at Regency Banqueting Suite in Tottenham.

Despite the wedding being delayed by an hour due to London traffic the ceremony went well.  A Greek wedding ceremony is actually quite different with many opportunities for great photos. Being discreet and unobtrusive is a wedding photographers best friend as it allows you to photograph some gorgeous natural moments.

After the ceremony I drove to the Regency Banqueting Suite which was decorated like a 5* London Hotel. It really looked amazing. I should mention Diastello the live 7 piece Greek band that entertained the guests throughout the evening. They truly were fantastic and it was obvious why they are London’s number one Greek band!

Anyway here are some of the images from the day. If you like them please feel free to leave a comment. Please also visit my Facebook page.

If you’re planning your own Greek Wedding in London and you’re looking for a wedding photographer please do get in touch to discuss your requirements.


Peter and Anna-100.jpgPeter and Anna-101.jpgPeter and Anna-102.jpgPeter and Anna-103.jpgPeter and Anna-104.jpgPeter and Anna-105.jpgPeter and Anna-106.jpgPeter and Anna-107.jpgPeter and Anna-108.jpgPeter and Anna-109.jpgPeter and Anna-110.jpgPeter and Anna-111.jpgPeter and Anna-112.jpgPeter and Anna-113.jpgPeter and Anna-114.jpgPeter and Anna-115.jpgPeter and Anna-116.jpgPeter and Anna-117.jpgPeter and Anna-118.jpgPeter and Anna-119.jpgPeter and Anna-120.jpgPeter and Anna-121.jpgPeter and Anna-122.jpgPeter and Anna-123.jpgPeter and Anna-124.jpgPeter and Anna-125.jpgPeter and Anna-126.jpgPeter and Anna-127.jpgPeter and Anna-128.jpgPeter and Anna-129.jpgPeter and Anna-130.jpgPeter and Anna-131.jpgPeter and Anna-132.jpgPeter and Anna-133.jpgPeter and Anna-134.jpgPeter and Anna-135.jpgPeter and Anna-136.jpgPeter and Anna-137.jpgPeter and Anna-138.jpgPeter and Anna-139.jpgPeter and Anna-140.jpgPeter and Anna-141.jpgPeter and Anna-142.jpgPeter and Anna-143.jpgPeter and Anna-144.jpgPeter and Anna-145.jpgPeter and Anna-146.jpgPeter and Anna-147.jpgPeter and Anna-148.jpgPeter and Anna-149.jpgPeter and Anna-150.jpgPeter and Anna-151.jpgPeter and Anna-152.jpgPeter and Anna-153.jpgPeter and Anna-154.jpgPeter and Anna-155.jpgPeter and Anna-156.jpgPeter and Anna-157.jpgPeter and Anna-158.jpgPeter and Anna-159.jpgPeter and Anna-160.jpgPeter and Anna-161.jpgPeter and Anna-162.jpgPeter and Anna-163.jpgPeter and Anna-164.jpgPeter and Anna-165.jpgPeter and Anna-166.jpgPeter and Anna-167.jpgPeter and Anna-168.jpgPeter and Anna-169.jpgPeter and Anna-170.jpgPeter and Anna-171.jpgPeter and Anna-172.jpgPeter and Anna-173.jpgPeter and Anna-174.jpgPeter and Anna-175.jpgPeter and Anna-176.jpgPeter and Anna-177.jpgPeter and Anna-178.jpgPeter and Anna-179.jpgPeter and Anna-180.jpgPeter and Anna-181.jpgPeter and Anna-182.jpgPeter and Anna-183.jpgPeter and Anna-184.jpgPeter and Anna-185.jpgPeter and Anna-186.jpgPeter and Anna-187.jpgPeter and Anna-188.jpgPeter and Anna-189.jpgPeter and Anna-190.jpgPeter and Anna-191.jpgPeter and Anna-192.jpgPeter and Anna-193.jpgPeter and Anna-194.jpgPeter and Anna-195.jpgPeter and Anna-196.jpgPeter and Anna-197.jpgPeter and Anna-198.jpgPeter and Anna-199.jpgPeter and Anna-200.jpgPeter and Anna-201.jpgPeter and Anna-202.jpgPeter and Anna-203.jpgPeter and Anna-204.jpgPeter and Anna-205.jpgPeter and Anna-206.jpgPeter and Anna-207.jpgPeter and Anna-208.jpgPeter and Anna-209.jpgPeter and Anna-210.jpgPeter and Anna-211.jpgPeter and Anna-212.jpgPeter and Anna-213.jpgPeter and Anna-214.jpgPeter and Anna-215.jpgPeter and Anna-216.jpgPeter and Anna-217.jpgPeter and Anna-218.jpgPeter and Anna-219.jpgPeter and Anna-220.jpgPeter and Anna-221.jpgPeter and Anna-222.jpgPeter and Anna-223.jpgPeter and Anna-224.jpgPeter and Anna-225.jpgPeter and Anna-226.jpgPeter and Anna-227.jpgPeter and Anna-228.jpgPeter and Anna-230.jpgPeter and Anna-231.jpgPeter and Anna-232.jpgPeter and Anna-233.jpgPeter and Anna-234.jpgPeter and Anna-235.jpgPeter and Anna-236.jpgPeter and Anna-237.jpgPeter and Anna-238.jpgPeter and Anna-239.jpgPeter and Anna-240.jpgPeter and Anna-241.jpgPeter and Anna-242.jpgPeter and Anna-243.jpgPeter and Anna-244.jpgPeter and Anna-245.jpgPeter and Anna-246.jpg



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  1. Maria T Michael October 24, 2012 at 11:16 pm #

    Iain, without a doubt you really are one amazing photographer. Being Greek I know how challenging our weddings are and you have captured every aspect with such perfection. Love the images. Well done. xx