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Cooling Castle Barn Wedding PhotographerCooling Castle Barn Wedding Photographer: My first wedding of 2013 was at the exceptionally popular Cool Castle Barn near Rochester in Kent.

It was a typically cold winters day and for some reason I had decided not to bring a coat, why would anyone do that?????  Anyway, as always my assistant (Peter Denness) and I arrived nice and early to have a look around.

Cooling Castle is a very popular wedding venue with bookings throughout the year but until now had escaped me so I was pleased to bring a bit of Gomes Photography magic to the venue J

Anna and Adam, my first bride and groom of the year had flown in from Australia for their wedding… Anna being from the UK originally. Until a month before the wedding I had only communicated with the couple via email so was pleased to finally meet them in person just before Christmas to properly introduce myself and to go over the day in a bit more detail.

As mentioned it was a typical English winters day and by that I mean very little natural light. Winter Wedding photography in the UK is a completely different beast to Spring and Summer weddings, even more so in Barns. Cooling Castle, as a prime example has very high ceilings so the old photographers favourite of bouncing the flash simply wont work.  Personally I love the challenge of a winter wedding and the darker the venue the better, nothing like really having to think about the best way to light the moment, and oh you only have minutes at most to make that decision.  I class myself as a ‘Best Light Wedding Photographer’, what does this mean? Well I want my images to be shot in the best light, be that natural light or subtle use of flash.

Back to Anna and Adam’s  wedding day, I met Anna in the Bridal Suite at Cooling Castle to get some natural, relaxed shots of her and her friends getting ready. I then met up with Adam and the boys to see what they were up too… I got some cool shots of them and some lovely natural moments as Anna’s dad appeared and greeted Adam.

A ready Anna was then whisked away in a beautiful horse and cart from Drayhorse Shires for a 10-15minute ride around the area…  It was then ceremony time and the moment for the couple to finally get married. The ceremony room at Cooling Castle is quite dark and lit heavily with tungsten lights… it gives the room a very warm, romantic feeling which is lovely. I spoke with the Registrar who kindly said I could do what I like to get the best possible images for the couple, so I decided to do my speciality and go for a clean look, yet maintaining the ambiance of the Barn. My assistant Peter Denness, knows exactly my method to achieve this look  so very quickly I was ready to go.

After the ceremony the couple were again taken on a short journey through the lanes near Cooling Castle in the Horse and Carriage before heading back and enjoying the rest of their day.

Given time I like to mix up the bride and groom portrait shots with a selection of beautiful naturally lit images with more dramatic moody fashionable wedding photography. This unique look goes to show what can be done in a short space of time.. I think I had no more than 20 minutes alone with the couple before they were back enjoying spending time with their family and friends.

I really enjoyed Anna and Adam’s Cooling Castle Barn wedding although the day seemed to go by in a heartbeat and before I knew it was packing up to go home.

Thank you to all of the staff at the Barn for your hospitality and professionalism on the day. Weddings at Cooling Castle Barn certainly are run with the utmost care and attention, it’s a very well oiled machine.

Below are a selection of images from the day which I hope you like…


Cooling Castle Barn Wedding Photographer Cooling Castle Barn Wedding PhotographyCooling Castle Barn Wedding Photography Cooling Castle Barn Wedding Photography Cooling Castle Barn Wedding Photographer Cooling Castle Barn Wedding Photographer

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Anna and Adam’s full wedding photography collection can be found by clicking here


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