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Kent Wedding PhotographyKent Weddings: First of all apologies for the lack of blog posts recently. There really isn’t any excuse however a weeks holiday in Turkey plus back to back weddings has kept me busy. I know I said I know excuses but there you go 🙂

So Grant and Suzanne wedding, what can I say about their Kent wedding . Well first of all they had the weather for it… it was hot which was a nice change and something I wasn’t expecting. Grant and Suzanne are a cool relaxed couple who booked me last year to photograph their wedding.




The first image here is of Ratsbury Barn in Tenterden Kent, the wedding ceremony venue.

If I think back to Grant, this image sums him up… bloody nice guy.

they even trusted me alone with the rings…. 😯

Wedding photography in Kent

So after contemplating making it off with two new rings I decided to carry on with my work and get the lads into a field to play around with some off camera flash. Don’t they both look cool?

Wedding Photography in Kent

Grant, you old poser you… ha ha

Kent wedding photography

OK, so trying to be serious now these are the types of wedding shots I love… a click of a shutter gets this…

Wow, what a car… my first glimpse of Suzanne  arriving…

It’s always important to get photos early of the flowers as that’s when they are looking their best… loving the purple theme going on.

Final touches before Suzanne makes her way to get married…

This is one of my favourite shots from a wedding.. the moment the bride and groom see each other for the first time. Look at Suzannes expression, love it.

I love this image of Suzanne, look at the light in her eyes and how happy she looks…

The most important part of a wedding, the vows…

I am asked a lot about this image and how much Photoshop I had to do to make the sky look like that.. well the honest answer is apart from adding some contrast nothing at all… To photograph it, you have to see it and don’t they look great.

Isn’t it cool to make a traditional image look a bit more modern and contemporary.

I genuinely enjoyed photographing Grant and Suzanne’s wedding, such an easy couple to photograph. The photography was an important part of their wedding celebrations and I would like to thank them both for asking me to be their Kent wedding photographer.


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