Cooling Castle Barn Wedding Photographers

Cooling Castle Barn Wedding PhotographerAre you getting married at Cooling Castle Barn? Are you looking for a wedding photographer in Kent?


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Cooling Castle Barn Wedding Photographer: Kent Wedding venue  Cooling Castle Barn is located on the outskirts of London, in fact a 35 minute drive from Greenwich positioned within the rural peninsular of North Kent.opportunity.Cooling castle barn dates back to the 17th century and is adjacent to Cooling Castle, the barns themselves are beautiful with high exposed beams and natural brickwork which gives you a blank canvas to choose your own colour scheme.

Just to quote from the first page of their booklet: “We are different.  We want each and every one of our couples to feel special.  We believe in giving a dedicated and personal service.  We are here to help you plan and organise your day, and we aim to make the planning as exciting as the day itself.  We would like to share your day with you.  We are unique.  We are … COOLING CASTLE BARN”
After photographing a wedding a Wedding Cooling Castle I can attest to the statement being true.

Cooling Castle Barn Wedding Photographer

The Fathom Barn is where the ceremony will be held and this too has high beams and natural brickwork, the bride arrives dramatically onto a raised balcony and then walks down the stairs towards the 60ft promenade down the aisle.  The last Barn which is the Heritage Barn is where your guests arrive and wait to be called by the toast master into the ceremony room; this has a home from home feel with its warm and cosy feel.

Cooling Castle Barn Wedding Photographer

The Fathom Barn

Cooling Castle Barning Wedding Photography

The Raised Balcony in the Fathon Barn

Cooling Castle Barning Wedding Photography

The Grooms View at the fathom Barn

The Tithe Barn is where you would have your wedding breakfast and your evening celebrations, the DJ has a suspended area above the space which enables great lighting, the vertical beams can be used to place uplighters, creating the perfect atmosphere whilst eating, this Barn can seat up to 160 for a wedding breakfast and 250 guests for the evening celebration.

The Tithe Barn at Cool Castle Barn

The Tithe Barn at Cool Castle Barn

 Cooling Castle Barn's The Tithe Barn
Another bonus about cooling castle barn is that your guests get to choose from 3 dishes rather than everyone having the same, kids can have Pizza and chips or sausage and mash if they want to or half adult portions, I love chicken so everyone would have had to have chicken like me at least now they have a choice.

Cooling Castle barn


The outside space is equally beautiful with plenty of lovely backdrops for photo opportunities; overall I found this the perfect wedding venue and can’t wait to get married there.


Cooling Castle Barn Gardens

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Cooling Castle

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