Manor of Groves Essex Wedding Photographer

Manor of Groves Essex Wedding PhotographerManor of Groves Essex Wedding Photographer: 
It always amazes me when couples book me to photograph their wedding day how quickly the day comes round.  It was back in freezing January when Alex and Lindsey contacted me, enquiring about my wedding photography. I met them at their home and we chatted about what that they wanted from their wedding photos… nothing “cheesy”  😆

As I say, the day came around so quickly and before I knew it I was at the Manor of Groves in Essex waiting to shoot their wedding. I’d never shot at this wedding venue before so a few weeks before we all met up to have a look around together and go over the finer details.  On the day, as usual I arrived nice and early to have another look round as venues look so different when dressed for a wedding. It really looked lovely. I particularly liked the black and white themed table dressings.

After fuelling up on what probably was the largest cheese and pickle sandwich known to man I met up with the guys for some fun shots…  It was very sunny but rather than doing what most other photographers do and head for the safety of the shade I pulled out the big powerful flashes to over power the sun for some funky edgy shots. This type of photography does take much more effort but personally I think it’s worth it.

After this I went to meet Lindsey in the calmness of the bridal suite… did I say calmness????  actually it was.  Lindsey was looking totally magnificent…

The rest of the day went really well and before long the madness of the dance floor antics were upon us… and when I say madness I really do mean it. You have to check out the photos from the party at the end of the blog… these guys were having a really good time, in fact so was I.

A massive thank you to Alex and Lindsey for asking me to photograph their wedding at the Manor of Groves. Thank you to all of their family and friends who also made me feel welcome on the day.

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Here’s a selection of images from the day which I hope you enjoy.

Lindsey and Alex-100.jpgLindsey and Alex-101.jpgLindsey and Alex-102.jpgLindsey and Alex-103.jpgLindsey and Alex-104.jpgLindsey and Alex-105.jpgLindsey and Alex-106.jpgLindsey and Alex-107.jpgLindsey and Alex-108.jpgLindsey and Alex-109.jpgLindsey and Alex-110.jpgLindsey and Alex-111.jpgLindsey and Alex-112.jpgLindsey and Alex-113.jpgLindsey and Alex-114.jpgLindsey and Alex-115.jpgLindsey and Alex-116.jpgLindsey and Alex-117.jpgLindsey and Alex-118.jpgLindsey and Alex-119.jpgLindsey and Alex-120.jpgLindsey and Alex-121.jpgLindsey and Alex-122.jpgLindsey and Alex-123.jpgLindsey and Alex-124.jpgLindsey and Alex-125.jpgLindsey and Alex-126.jpgLindsey and Alex-127.jpgLindsey and Alex-128.jpgLindsey and Alex-129.jpgLindsey and Alex-130.jpgLindsey and Alex-131.jpgLindsey and Alex-132.jpgLindsey and Alex-133.jpgLindsey and Alex-134.jpgLindsey and Alex-135.jpgLindsey and Alex-136.jpgLindsey and Alex-137.jpgLindsey and Alex-138.jpgLindsey and Alex-139.jpgLindsey and Alex-140.jpgLindsey and Alex-141.jpgLindsey and Alex-142.jpgLindsey and Alex-143.jpgLindsey and Alex-144.jpgLindsey and Alex-145.jpgLindsey and Alex-146.jpgLindsey and Alex-147.jpgLindsey and Alex-148.jpgLindsey and Alex-149.jpgLindsey and Alex-150.jpgLindsey and Alex-151.jpgLindsey and Alex-152.jpgLindsey and Alex-153.jpgLindsey and Alex-154.jpgLindsey and Alex-155.jpgLindsey and Alex-156.jpgLindsey and Alex-157.jpgLindsey and Alex-158.jpgLindsey and Alex-159.jpgLindsey and Alex-160.jpgLindsey and Alex-161.jpgLindsey and Alex-162.jpgLindsey and Alex-163.jpgLindsey and Alex-164.jpgLindsey and Alex-165.jpg

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