Supporting the ‘Unplugged Wedding’


No cameras pleaseSupporting the ‘Unplugged Wedding’ – Rarely do I jump on a bandwagon but this is something I feel very passionate about.  Picture the scene, you have just married the man/woman of your dreams in your dream Church or wedding venue.  You’ve signed the register and you’re about to walk down the aisle to sea of happy faces and congratulations. Instead what faces you is numerous phones held aloft or even worse a full size IPAD (or other tablet device)… and then your favourite, and extremely excited Uncle jumps out into the aisle  and walks in front of you whilst photographing your every move. That’s great, you will have lots of images from lots of different angles, but the one person you’ve paid to get the shots is waiting, trying desperately to get a clean shot. It’s at that point when Auntie Sally decides that she too must have the photo of you walking down the aisle and bang, she joins Uncle Ernie….

It sounds a joke but this is happening more and more and the size of the equipment is getting larger and larger and quite simply the beautiful scene has kinda gone.

This is not about protecting the ‘wedding photographer’ by the way…. A good wedding photographer is not threatened by other photographers (in fact I actually quite enjoy talking to guests who like photography) but simply wants to give you the most beautiful wedding photos.  Also, isn’t it better for your family and friends to just sit, listen and observe the moment you get married, rather than worrying about taking  a photo.

You’ve hired a pro, let them get the shots in the church and tell your family and friends that you want an ‘unplugged wedding ceremony’ at the very least. 

I am more than happy to give every guest a free download of the walking down the aisle shot, which they are welcome to upload to their phone/tablet.


An Unplugged Wedding

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  1. bycostello June 7, 2013 at 7:20 am #

    very good point, i do agree