Victoria Park Plaza Wedding Photography

Victoria Park Plaza in LondonVictoria Park Plaza Wedding Photography: Welcome to Naomi and Yemi’s big wedding, part two. Fresh from the fun and frolicks of Naomi and Yemi’s wedding at Westminster Town Hall the day before, I thought I knew what lay ahead of me on the big big day.  Having met some of the couples close family and friends already I felt prepared.

There are two parts to a Nigerian Wedding, the first is the “traditional wedding” which is normally attended by a smaller number of guests, it’s sometimes to referred to as the engagement. The second wedding is the “white wedding”…attended by hundreds and sometimes thousands.

I arrived early on the day and enjoyed a large English breakfast in Giraffe, just opposite the Hotel with my two awesome assistants, Soven and Chuck. I then bumped into the Videographer and good friend Stephen Curtis, his son Ryan and Tony Cullingford from Take 2 Video Productions. It’s great working alongside brilliant and talented Wedding Professionals.

The Victoria Park Plaza in Central London is a pretty cool wedding venue. I’ve already photographed a wedding there so was familiar with it’s setting and location. As the event rooms are on the lower levels a good knowledge of light is a must for any photographer shooting there. Get it right and you will have beautiful wedding photography. I go armed to a wedding not just with the right equipment to overcome any lighting challenges but the knowledge and experience to put the equipment to best use.

Weddings at the Victoria Park Plaza are managed by the lovely Nikki Onanuga. Again it’s such a pleasure working alongside people who are damn good at their job. Thanks for your help before and on the day Nikki.

This was my first Nigerian wedding and I had an idea what to expect, but the reality was even better… Nigerian weddings are colourful, creative and extravagant.

Back to the wedding… I briefly met up with Naomi to see how she was getting on with the prep before heading off to get some photos of the guys… what an awesome atmosphere!!!! Yemi and his friends were obviously in good spirits and it really was a pleasure to photograph…

I quickly went back down to the Reception room to get some shots of the fantastic cake, made by Shola, the brides sister. I met the DJ for the day, DJ Ripla aka Michael before heading back to see Naomi. A quick word on DJ Ripla, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a dance floor so packed, you will see this later in the photos.

The whole day was, for me, exactly what a wedding should be…. people enjoying themselves, dancing and celebrating. It was a long day in terms of hours covered but the day went by so quickly.

I’d like to thank Naomi and Yemi for asking me to photograph their very special wedding celebrations…. I genuinely feel honoured that you entrusted me with recording such a massive time in your lives….

Finally I’d also like to say thanks to Naomi for your lovely email and Yemi for your Facebook messages, sent to me just after the wedding…



I’ll shut up about how much I love you lest my husband decides to divorce me after all the money we spent planning the wedding! J


Thank you SO MUCH, you were beyond amazing! It’s great to work with people who are passionate about what they do but it’s even greater to work with someone with passion and a fun, vibrant and warn personality…you totally rocked! I really should stop using that word, makes me sound like an American teenager! Lol. It was an absolute delight working with you. 


Naomi & Yemi”


Please enjoyed the emails below and feel free to leave a comment at the end….

Victoria Park Plaza Wedding Photography

Victoria Park Plaza Wedding Photography

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  1. Jannie April 2, 2013 at 7:48 am #

    Looks like it was one BIG party!!! Great photos.

  2. Steve April 5, 2013 at 11:39 am #

    These are simply stunning Iain – really lovely work

  3. Tim Hoy April 22, 2013 at 10:40 am #

    Outstanding work Iain. Naomi and Yemi must be over the moon with these. The last Nigerian wedding I shot there were three changes of clothing – made for lots of colourful images, but lots of extra work too. There’s a real magic in these shots. Well done..